Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Services Provided

Training/Workshop - From an in-depth training session about different types of bias, to living inclusively, the training programs will help attendees understand and support diversity, equality, and inclusion at work and beyond.

Consulting – as the former Chief Diversity Officer at Albertsons Companies, Mr. Mayes can provide strategic consulting services to design and achieve your organizations diversity, equity, and inclusion aspirations.



The “8 Common Types of Bias and How to Combat Them” is a one-hour training session that discusses the eight common types of bias. Real-life stories and strategies help clients recognize and appreciate the differences to help groups better understand and embrace diversity and inclusion.


The “Living Inclusively” training session is a two-hour highly-interactive session with videos and real-life stories. Participants engage in a candid discussion about bias, empathy, and the steps to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.


The one-hour “Unconscious Bias Training” presentation is about business diversity, and inclusion and how unconscious bias can impact a group’s effectiveness. It provides tools to allow individuals from different backgrounds to work effectively together.

Jonathan Mayes Consulting

Consulting Services

Examples of services include:

  • Develop Actionable Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Building Upon the Strengths and Differences That Individuals Bring to the Workplace or Organization
  • Facilitate Discussions With Groups Seeking:
    • A Productive, Honest, and Courageous Conversation About Race, Gender, and Other Differences in the Workplace
    • Strategies to Enable Everyone to Feel Welcomed, Valued, and Supported
    • Strategies to Become Inclusive Leaders
    • Employee Engagement Survey to Measure Levels of Inclusiveness in the Workplace and Tools to Enhance Employee Attitudes of Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging