"I have never attended such a sincere discussion on diversity that compels you to think more about what you are doing now and what you can do differently in the future to make a difference for our company and to enrich our own lives."

"It was one of the best workshops I had ever attended. I learned a lot more today, and hearing everyone’s authentic minds on actions everyone will take will make this world a better place for us and our future generation. Will definitely help the company, but I felt this was for a greater cause."

"Thank you very much for an amazing meeting! I have a million things running through my mind (like an advocate, mentoring, listening, courage, empathy, step back, etc.), but one word comes to mind…HOPE!!!!"

"I wanted to thank you for the discussion and the growth that you facilitated today. I appreciate your transparency and making us feel comfortable enough to have productive and honest conversations."

"Jonathan makes it a safe place for people to think and share"

"Thought it was amazing, and hearing other stories was valuable"

"Exploring ‘how does this make you feel, what would you do’ was a unique aspect, and gained a lot from it"

"Everyone sharing aligned us on our journey to inclusion – engagement from the team helped this"

"Appreciate the ‘guidance and reminder’ of empathy, we can tend to forget this element in our busy day"

"Very thought-provoking, the quickest two hours. Made you think back in time, thought things were better, but they aren’t"

"We are hearing the unrest national and global stories, but we don’t hear the quiet everyday stories affecting individuals"

"Jonathan Mayes is one of the most compelling speakers in the DEI world -- but there are plenty of charismatic speakers.  What sets Jonathan apart is his integrity, lived experience, empathy and compassion, and keen focus on building the world we all wish we could inhabit.  You won't find a better partner as you set out to shift your company's actions to match your company's values."